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DA1432 DECT indePendant™


Living an independent and active life is the foundation of happiness and satisfaction. However, the older we get the more limitations we begin to struggle with - both mental and physical. In response to this, we have designed a DECT Pendant so as to better support seniors with wireless technology; a solution that helps them feel both secure in their own homes and take a more active part in their community.

DA1432 DECT indePendant™ is a daily assistant for elderly and people with disabilities who want to live at home even if they are predominantly alone. It maintains contact with Family&Friends, , reminds to take medicine when appropriate and - most notably - has a reliable Fall Detector with automatic alarm handling.

Our DECT Pendant serves as a personal device with Voice Announcements and:
1 - central Call Button for a Help Call,
Side Keys for several adjustments,
3 - multicolour Status LED,
- large LED Ring to signal call status,
- handsfree Loudspeaker,
6 - high sensitive Microphone,

In case urgent help is needed, the user can press the call button anywhere in the home and receive immediately connection with relatives, friends, neighbors or health care providers depending on the help call numbers configured via the PC App.

DA1432 indePendant™ - the solution for indePendant Living!

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